Hello & Welcome! 

I created INHABIT podcast because I am a huge believer in the power of stories to transform our lives. We are each living out a story, and we have the power to write it differently anytime we choose.

Sometimes all it takes is hearing something that reminds us of ourselves in the story of another to spark the inspiration and desire to change. Or to keep going instead of giving up. Or to remember that we are not alone. Or to remember that we really are deserving of good, without doing anything in particular to earn it. 

My desire is that by listening to INHABIT, you will know you are never alone. My desire is to build a community of feminine beings who are changing culture by having the audacity to love themselves. Not in some airy-fairy,  way either.

I'm talking about literally building the skill of offering daily, loving action towards self in the shape of: boundaries, deep listening to what we are feeling, honoring our Inner Voice, nurturing our total health, developing our innate Erotic Intelligence and emotional maturity, cultivating beauty and pleasure as healing practices, developing deeply supportive relationships, and laying down the weapon of judgement & comparison against ourselves and others (especially other feminine beings). #togetherwerise

INHABIT: Because when you love your whole life exactly as it is in this moment, and you love your whole self exactly as you are in this moment- it changes everything.

Please check out the show and let me know what you think! What would you like me to explore on the show?  Do you have any favorite people you'd like me to interview?

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