A 4-Week Virtual Book Club + Practice Circle


Hi Lovely,

Are you feeling called to rediscover the softness and the sweetness of your sensual nature?? This is a great first step toward re-integrating your sexuality with your body, soul, and daily life in new and beneficial ways!

This is the perfect solution for you if you're busy, but you don't want to wait any longer to add some sparkle to your life!

Desire is a little book with BIG ideas! 

We will be reading the book Desire by Dr. Saida Desilets, my teacher, and the creator of the Desilets Method of psycho-sexual re-integration work. 

We will meet on Zoom video-chat once per week for 4 weeks for some discussion, sharing, and body-based practices to expand your senses, create harmony and relaxation, and connect you to the desire present in your body and soul.

The calls will be recorded and the practices will be available in easy-to-use audio mP3s.


Come inside and get the details + check out the teaser 3.5 minute micro-practice audio for a little taste! 

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Ready for a taste? Try this!

1 Lessons

Here's a 3.5-minute reset meditation! We will be doing lots more of these micro-practices in our practice circle. This is just a little taste! 

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2 Lessons

This is where you'll find the link to order your book, the schedule for our calls, and all the other resources you need. 

Livestream Call Recordings

3 Lessons

All the recordings of our Book Club Meeting calls can be found here.